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German Shepherd Puppies for sale with pedigree

We only breed German Shepherd puppies out of the best proven (oft German) bloodlines.

With the motto "breeding is improving, not increasing" we breed now and then a litter of German Shepherd Puppies from the best proven (often German) blood lines. We are only using German shepherds for breeding who are checked on HD and ED and have achieved good results in the sport. The main point of our breed program is to breed a top German Shepherd for ourselves. When a male is far away but for us the best combination with our female then it’s no problem for us to drive to this male. We even went to Sweden for covering our female. And not without result! We still have out of that litter a male and a female who are achieving great results on clubmatches in Holland but also abroad.

Of course we can not keep all the German Shepherd Puppies ourselves. Because of this we have now and then, after a strict selection, German Shepherd puppies for sale. Pictures German Shepherd puppies

German Shepherd Puppies available

At the moment we have a litter with German Shepherd puppies out of a promising combination. It's a big litter with 7 males and 3 females all of them are shorthair. Because we obviously can't keep 10 German Shepherd puppies is it possible to reserve a puppy out of this (Keurfok / Körzucht) litter.

Pictures German Shepherd Puppies

The pictures below are from an earlier bred litter, pictures of our last litter will be placed asap.


Older trained German Shepherd Dogs for sale

From time to time we have older German Shepherds for sale

We often keep more than one puppy out of the same litter because we have then more time to make a selection. This is why we have sometimes older German Shepherds for sale. These German Shepherd dogs are mostly between the 4 and 14 months old. This are always very good dogs which we kept to go further with in the sport and breeding. They are only available due to our strict selection. Are you interested in an older (trained) German Shepherd male or female?

Please contact us.

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