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Trained young German Shepherd for sale

01-05-2018 - Unique opportunity! German shepherd dog for sale


$8750,00 (SOLD)


This big boy has a great character. Exactly what you expect from a German Shepherd. He is cheerful, sure, fearless and friendly towards people and animals. He is obedient and can run almost the entire IPO program. Sit, heel, stay, come, lie down with distraction, retrieve and search as the best. He is officially X-rayed on hips and elbows with HD and ED A as normal! (can not be better). Of course he has a pedigree and he comes from the best bloodlines. He may go to a private individual as a pet, but it is also possible to work with him.


Aron aus Felsbrockendorf has a great bloodline (VA Yuri vom Osterberger-Land X Gucci vom Pendler)


Watch his video

  • Aron aus FelsbrockendorfAron aus Felsbrockendorf HD/ED A normal!

BSZS 2017 te ULM (Germany)

September 4, 2017 - V13 at the world championships!


This year the world championships took place in Ulm (Germany). Friday 1 September at 13:10 hrs we had to do protection work with Parda vom Suentelstein in the stadium. Although Parda always does her job well and with great pleasure and conviction, it remains exciting to do the bitework in the stadium. In addition, it was exceptionally bad weather in Germany. From Thursday already rain, rain and more rain, making the field very wet and slippery. Luckily Parda showed a super piece of protection. of the 209 best dogs in the world, there were still 101 left after the hack. We were called in the first ring! The race was held on Sunday. We were called in position 27 in the first ring. During the course of the race and the following, we managed to conquer a few places to become V13!


We look back on a fun, sporty weekend and are extremely satisfied with the results!

  • Parda vom Suentelstein BSZS2017 ULMParda vom Suentelstein V13!

Kalito vom Westervenn sold to Vietnam

18-11-2016 - You're going well and who knows goodbye!


Today I brought the German Shepherd dog Kalito vom Westervenn to Frankfurt from where he will make a long journey to his new owner. Kalito is going to Vietnam where he will soon be postponed at the shows. We wish Kalito and his new owner a lot of success in the future!


We had a good time with him and were able to achieve different successes.


Below is a link to a video of Kalito in the showring in Germany where he obtained a first place:


Kalito vom Westervenn


  • Kalito vom WestervennKalito vom Westervenn

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