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German Shepherd training / Obedience

Professional IPO training

When you want to breed a good German Shepherd and you want to do this according to the rules of the VDH (The Netherlands) and/or the SV (Germany) then you have to pass for breed survey. Only when both parents are passed for breed survey you can breed a litter with the title KEURFOK (The Netherlands) or Körzucht (Germany).

It’s not simple to get breed survey on your German Shepherd. Your dog must be in possession of the following:

1. A qualification on a clubmatch with at least a G (Good).
2. Basis Diploma (VZH in the Netherlands / BH in Germany).
3. Diploma for 20 km walking in addition to a bicycle (UV in the Netherlands / AD in Germany).
4. Diploma IPO 1 which consists of tracking, obedience and bitework.
5. Pass on a breed survey.

Only a German Shepherd who passed breed survey is demonstrably suitable for as well sport as family dog. You can be sure that both parents meet all the breed characteristics of a German Shepherd Dog.

From time to time we have German Shepherd puppies for sale with pedigree.

German Shepherd training for breed survey

We are training our own German Shepherds for Breed Survey and now and then dogs for other people. Please find below some training videos.

Teaching your dog to fetch with a Clicker

For we made a step by step video explanation "How to teach my dog to fetch".

The video uses 5 different German Shepherds who were in training or owned by us.

We always try to fetch the dogs through this positive but extremely effective training method. Soon there will be more videos on where German Shepherds will play a leading role.

Effective dogtraining?

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Falco vom Dacon

Sold to Amalaberg Kennel Canada
IPO2 - KKL - Breed Survey

This beautiful imposing male with great looks has been sold to Canada after his training.

  • Passed VZH
  • Passed UV
  • Passed IPO1
  • Passed IPO2
  • Kwalification V
  • Passed breed survey

German Shepherd Dog male with breed suvery

Are you looking for a German Shepherd Dog breeding male with Breed Survey? Or do you want that we train your dog? Please contact us.


Alpha von Amalaberg

Trained for IPO and Breed Survey at the request of Amalaberg Kennel Canada.

One of the most beautiful females that we’ve trained! This German Shepherd has not only the looks she has also a golden character and really wants to work.

  • Passed VZH
  • Passed UV
  • Passed IPO1
  • Passed IPO2
  • Kwalification V
  • Passed breed survey

Do you want to see more of Alpha?

Look at a video of the bitework of Alpha von Amalaberg on our YouTube canal.

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